Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today and we will help you find those ‘hard to find’ items. We have specialty items such as our Windshield Repair Kit, Water Spot Remover, Interior Cleaning Kit, Windsor Karcher Group Armada BRC 40/22, Spa Kits and the MA10 Multi-Surface Scrubber.

Gforce2 Scratch Removal Systems
We’ve taken the best elements of our Gforce Glass Scratch Removal System and made it even better by adding a center water feed system. This system allows for pinpoint accuracy and control enabling you to get into tight edges and corners. And with the ergonomic redesign of the center water feed, you can work longer on more difficult glass damage with reduced fatigue. This system is available in the Essentials or Professional series.
G Force
Interior design has a clear trend towards the use of glass partitions, stainless steel, mirrors, shiny tabletops, whiteboards and many other delicate surfaces requiring specific cleaning solutions that traditional methods do not meet. The Interior cleaning kit is the solution, containing all you need for fast, efficient, safe cleaning of interior surfaces. Just spray the surface to be cleaned (or directly onto the pad) with water from the trigger bottle and wipe the surface clean. There´s nothing left behind but a streak free finish on all gloss surfaces. Effective on glass, mirrors, ceramics, plastics, laminates, stainless steel and many others. For high, hard-to-reach areas the telescopic handle can extend to 90 cm, allowing safe cleaning over balconies or for users to reach up to 2.5 m.
Interior Kit
It has never been easier and more enjoyable to clean your carpets! Designed to be the ultimate in maneuverability and productivity, the Windsor Kärcher Group Armada™ is driving innovation forward. Enjoy the superior ergonomics of extracting while walking forward! The extractor deck rotates to allow cleaning in any direction. This new extractor provides anywhere from 30-60% productivity improvement in addition to reduced dry times. Our cleaning technology provides productive interim & deep extraction cleaning in one machine. Clean your carpets with the efficiency and speed never before seen. Winner of the 2016 Good Design Award.
Armada Extractor Anthracite
For generations the mop and bucket was the only option for cleaning small spaces, but simply spreading dirt around is neither effective nor sanitary. This is why Clarke developed the MA10™ 12E Upright Scrubber. Not only does its compact, lightweight design allow you to clean very tight areas, but its superior productivity gets the job done fast, giving you more time for other tasks. Two-hand grip provides comfortable operation. Removable tank in tank design makes filling and emptying easier. Low deck profile gives the operator easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Dosing cap makes adding the right amount of detergent much easier. Optional manual suction hose offers the ability to reach less accessible areas.
MA10 12E wht Rt
When you purchased your spa, you were looking forward to a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, until now, maintaining your hot tub has been neither pleasurable nor relaxing. With this kit, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the serenity and peace of mind you deserve. Your hot tub water will remain immaculate and crystal clear. It contains all the products you need for a PERIOD OF 3-MONTHS. Enjoy total peace of mind and more time to unwind with the Sanimarc Pro Spa Kit!
Pro Kit

Malco Water Spot Remover

Pumice-reinforced cleaner removes hard water spots and mineral deposits from glass, chrome, stainless steel, tile and porcelain.

Water Spot Remover