At the Sani Marc Group, all of our day-to-day efforts must be in line with the values that are at the very heart of our success. This holds true for our management team and all the members of our various subsidiaries and divisions. These values guide our individual and collective behaviour, and ensure the consistency of our actions.

Respect and willingness to listen to others
Team work
Sense of belonging
So that each member has the opportunity to reach their full potential while working as part of a solid team, the Sani Marc Group emphasizes values such as respect—for oneself, for others and for the environment—as well as a willingness to listen to others, initiative, accountability and trust.

The right skills
Transparency, trust and openness
Creativity and initiative
Above and beyond the proven quality of the sanitation products, systems and solutions we offer, our greatest competitive advantage lies in our ability to develop strong partnerships with our customers. Training and hands-on support are an integral part of this relationship, and our services must enable customers to optimize their operations with measurable results.

Responsibility and accountability
Quality control is the responsibility of each and every person at the Sani Marc Group. This translates into a powerful synergy of our various internal services.