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Pad; Reflection Artist Kit 6" Pads

Kit - Pad; Reflection Artist Kit 6" Pads

If you are not already familiar, the Reflection Artist™ Pad Line by Buff and Shine Manufacturing is a select combination of some the most innovative pads available in the industry today. 

This unique pad combination was created from a select few pads from our current URO pad line, as well as some specially designed NEW pads created to complete this ALL-IN-ONE pad system!

Buff and Shine Mfg. developed a way to make it even easier to become a Reflection Artist™ by creating a cool and easy-to-use kit containing all the pads you need!   Each kit will contain one each of your choice of either 5” or 6” (loop) sizes of all 5 pads from the Reflection Artist™ Pad Line. 

  1. NEW Grey Uro-Wool™ Blend pad
  2. Uro-Fiber™ microfiber pad
  3. Uro-Tec™ maroon foam pad
  4. NEW Uro-Tec™ dark blue foam pad
  5. Uro-Tec™ yellow foam pad

Part# QP-6RA contains 1 each of 6KWB, 692MFP-BK, 672BN, 656BN, 634BN

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$ 132.20 CAD
$ 132.20 CAD