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ArtDeShine; Ceramic Metal Oxide 30 ml

Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) nanoparticles work as sunlight heat shields in the near infrared region (NIR) region of solar radiation and are also used to protect acid sensitive materials. They are commonly used in protective coatings due to its optical transparency.  The flexibility of polysilazane matrixes allows the creation of coatings with beneficial ATO properties, such as high mechanical strength and thermal stability with good optical, thermal and barrier properties. 

Etching, water-spots and stains are caused by contaminants and harmful substances reacting with heat/UV.  The ability of ATO to resist acids and repel heat/UV significantly reduces the damage done. A smooth surface reduces friction, thus lowering the amount of force created by abrasive actions that can otherwise cause fine-lines and scratches. This results in significantly less damage caused during washing and drying.

The use of Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) will help to reduce chemical reactions of contaminants aggravated by heat and UV that can otherwise result in etching, water-spotting and staining.

Suitability: All paint types, matte plastics or trims, chrome, vinyl wraps, PPF, wheels, glass*. Application: Apply, let set for 30~60 seconds and wipe off in 2x2 ft area.  Layerable in 1~2 hours.

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$ 176.00 CAD